Smoky Mountains Vacation Cabins
Vacation rental cabins by owner near Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, 
and the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee.  

Cabin FAQ

What types of payments do you accept?

When you book via our websites, or via quote that we have emailed you directly, we accept personal or cashiers check, money order (at least 35 days prior to check in date), PopMoney direct bank to bank payment, major credit cards and PayPal. Credit card processing fee may apply for non-US issued credit cards. If you have booked via 3rd party sites (AirBnB, HomeAway/VRBO and similar) - payment types specified by that respective site.

Can we make partial/monthly payments for our reservation? 

If you have booked directly via our websites or via quote we emailed you, and have paid initial $300 deposit , you will receive a secure payment link that you can use to make payments. Our booking system will send you a receipt for every partial payment made. As long as balance is paid in full 30 days prior to your scheduled contractual check in date, you can make as many payments as you like. You will receive balance payment reminder 7 days prior to due date. If you booked via 3rd party sites, your payment schedule will be governed by payment policies of that site. Some sites (like AirBnB) require full payment upfront. 
Why directions do not match those on GPS? Why are the roads so narrow / winding?

GPS and Google maps are often wrong in these mountains. Some roads are shown in a wrong location or misnamed. GPS may send a traveler on the road it “thinks” is there but in reality is a gravel or dirt road. Locals often know better way of getting somewhere whereas GPS can send you in roundabout way. So we suggest using both GPS and directions (just ask) and not rely on GPS alone. GPS should be fine on main county roads and in town. Many roads probably
used to be old logging roads before they got paved. It makes little sense to widen some roads that only get traveled by a few people per day. But, this is a part of seclusion and mountain experience! Tip: Local courtesy is to allow oncoming car that is going uphill to pass by you first if you are driving downhill on a narrow road.

Why are the pictures screwed to the walls?

If they are not, it often happens that guests accidentally knock a picture down. It falls down,nicks the floor, gets damaged or the frame gets broken. Most of the time guest would not report it and would just dispose of the damaged picture. It is a safety measure too – we do not want anyone to get hurt by a falling object. Most pictures in the cabin are original and one of a

Why there are so few small décor items, candleholders, knick-knacks?

Often guests’ children are not closely supervised, and those small items can be easily broken, fall or go missing. We do not put candles in the cabin because of the fire safety - when guests are on vacation, they tend to be more relaxed and less careful.

Dust / cobwebs.

We are not sure why, but dust is very prevalent in the log homes. The cabin may have been cleaned mere hours ago, and yet there is dust again. Cobwebs are common and they appear very fast – after all, the cabin is in the middle of woods and there are a lot of insects trying to make their home inside the cabin.

Bugs / ladybugs.

Insects just find their way inside no matter what we do. Even after cabin was cleaned, it takes only a few hours for bugs/ladybugs to appear. Of course they get trapped and die inside. This is especially prevalent in the fall or spring when it gets colder outside. An expectation of completely insect-free environment is probably reasonable in a high-rise beachfront condo, not in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Ladybugs (actually, Asian Lady Beetle) are harmless if
not touched.

Wasps / carpenter bees.

Wasps try to make their nests, usually under the roof overhangs and eaves, and some get inside and die. We try to keep up as much as we can but they are often much faster than us. There is usually a can of wasp spray provided. Maintenance can take care of wasps too. Carpenter bees (big loud black bees) are harmless to humans – they make a lot of noise and may hover around humans, but they do not have stingers. They do however damage wood by boring holes in it. They rarely get inside the cabin.

What about the wildlife?

Plenty of wildlife in the area. Rabbits, raccoons, turkeys, various birds, deer, and yes, black bears. Wile we have never seen one "face to face", our security cameras caught some glimpses, and couple of our garbage cans have been dragged away by bears. That is why it is important to follow the instructions and never leave food outsde, never feed the wildlife AND make sure to thoroughly lock all bagged grabage in the outdoor bear-resistant/bear-proof containers.   

Why sometimes not all dishes / drinkware match?

We start out with matched sets. However, items do get broken, and as much as we try to replenish with exact same ones, sometimes they are no longer being sold. 

Why no certain utensil / small appliance?

Rest assured we had it stocked. However, utensils get broken or misplaced. If no one reports it missing, and cleaning crew does not realize that it is not there, it is not replenished. If you find something missing, please do let us know. We stock common utensils and small appliances. Mixer, blender, toaster, can opener, coffee maker, iron are standard. Other small appliances
are optional and we may or may not have stocked those. We try to keep hair dryers in the bathrooms but sometimes they do disappear.

Why no Teflon / nonstick cookware?

Initially we stocked Teflon cookware, but soon realized that most guests do not refrain from using metal utensils on Teflon cookware, and it gets quickly ruined. We do not want subsequent guests to have a negative experience of having to use damaged cookware. On the other hand, we cannot replace cookware sets every month. That is why we opted to primarily
stock more durable stainless cookware.

Power outages.

Power outages are quite common in the area due to the climate (high winds), location and local specifics – most power lines run through the woods and in the case of high winds or storms they can be easily damaged. Good news is that Sevier County Electric is usually fast to remedy situation.

Why is there bad cell phone reception?

It depends on the provider. You will likely have good or decent reception if you have Verizon or Sprint. T-Mobile and  AT&T usually have the worst reception of all in this area. For your safety and convenience, the cabin is equipped with home phone (free local and US long distance) working over Verizon network that has 2 hour power outage backup.

Why is there no UNLIMITED Wi-Fi / Internet?

Because the location of the cabin is so secluded, there is no cable/DSL/fiber optic service available. The only way to get internet service is via satellite, and the satellite company does not offer unlimited data for any amount of money. We have a plan that is sufficient to cover browsing, checking email and social media. It is not suited, nor meant for watching movies, gaming, streaming media, or downloading large files. If the monthly data allotment is used up by prior guests, the subsequent guests may have very slow service until such time that service resets next month. To preserve availability for everyone, we reserve a right to block access to certain streaming and large content volume sites.

Why no Xbox or Playstation?

Because those are not durable enough for heavy use. Also games or devices themselves can be lost or go missing. We offer a commercial style Multicade that is sturdy, durable and fun for young and young at heart. After all, most people have PS or Xbox at home – how many have a real Multicade? Multicade is anchored to the wall for your safety – do not attempt to move it.

Not enough ice.

The cabin refrigerator is a standard household refrigerator. It is not made to produce ice in commercial quantities like an icemaker in a hotel. Most likely guests have standard household refrigerators at home, and if they anticipate a large gathering, they purchase additional ice from a grocery store. We suggest doing the same if you are having a large gathering. 

Do we need propane tank to use the grill?

Appalachian Escape Cabin has a charcoal grill. Please bring your own charcoal if you plan to grill out. Blue Mountain Lodge is equipped with gas grill.   The grill is connected to the large underground propane tank that also feeds the gas log fireplace. Propane Company checks and fills the tank periodically. If the grill does not light up: 1) ensure that the valve on the line behind the grill is in ‘open’ position; 2) give it a few seconds because there may be air in the line, which needs to come out, and try to relight. If everything else fails, call the owners.

Where is the remote? Remote battery low.

We have labeled all electronics and their respective remote controls to indicate which room and device they belong to. Please keep the remotes in their respective rooms, as labeled. The remotes also have labels indicating what ‘input’ should be used to watch TV. If you accidentally change the input and lose signal, please look on the back side of the device remote and tune to respective channel/signal to watch TV. Please do not unplug any cables or change the inputs on the devices. For your convenience, should you want to connect your own device, there is a separate clearly labeled HDMI outlet located on the wall under the TV in the upstairs loft/game room. We make every effort to check and replace remote batteries. However, sometimes batteries do get low. We usually keep a few spares in a small bin under the kitchen sink.

Light bulb out.

Our housekeeping crew makes every effort to ensure that burned out bulbs are replaced in a timely manner and we use long lasting CFL and LED bulbs wherever possible. If a bulb burns out during your stay, there is a variety of common bulbs in a bin under the kitchen sink. Please only replace bulbs that are within easy reach, using utmost precaution. For your safety, please do not attempt to reach and replace any bulbs located high above that are not within easy reach. If you feel that you must replace a bulb, avoid touching bulbs with bare hands as they do get very hot. Notify us and we will have it taken care of.



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