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How it all began - why the Smoky Mountains?


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  1. Beauty of the Smokies
  2. Beauty of the Smokies
  3. The Beauty of the Smokies
  4. Gatlinburg in the Winter
  5. Beauty of the Smokies
  6. Beauty of the Smoikes
  7. Beauty of the Smokies
  8. Beauty of the Smokies
  9. Beauty of the Smokies
  10. Visitor from the woods
  11. Beauty of the Smokies
  12. Beauty of the Smokies
  13. Beauty of the Smokies
  14. Beauty of the Smokies
  15. Beauty of the Smokies
  16. Title 20
  17. Cades Cove
  18. GSMNP
  19. View of Gatlinburg
In 2009 a family friend bought a cabin in the area, and invited us to come along for a visit. Until then, I barely heard about the Smoky Mountains. We always loved the mountains, and seeing the Smokies for the first time made quite an impression.

Blue Mountain Lodge - then and now

We started coming to the area to look at foreclosed properties, with the idea to buy and renovate. We did not like the "resorts" with their cookie cutter cabin styles and architecture. Besides, we have always imagined a quintessential cabin to be set in the woods and nature, not surrounded by dozens of other cabins on all sides. 
When we first saw the property that we'd later name " Blue Mountain Lodge", it was way out of our price range, and we kept looking elsewhere.
One day our realtor brought to see another property nearby, and casually mentioned the recent price reduction. Reluctantly, we decided to look inside, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The cabin was a bank-owned foreclosure for couple of years, with everything stripped - from lights to doors to kitchen (and bath) sinks. It had no running water, no heat, no AC. It took us 1.5 years of proverbial "blood, sweat and tears", and emptied out bank accounts, to finally not only restore the cabin, but also add many improvements. Once we completed the restoration and started to rent the cabin to vacaitoners, it became a sucess very soon.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
  10. Managing Director

Appalachian Escape Cabin

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Appalachian Escape before and After living and kitchen
Two years later, we "felt the itch" again, and bought an unfinsihed build - a "shell" of a cabin that was sitting in the woods, that would later become " Appalachian Escape". We fell in love with a quiet property the cabin was sitting on, and a peaceful and homey feeling it exuded. Buying the cabin was a huge risk because I was unemployed at the time, but simply could not pass up once-in-a-life-time opportunity.There was no yard or driveway, the lot was overgrown, but the "shell" was solidly built from hemlock Appalachian style traditional flat hewn logs. Chinking (the light stripes you see between the logs) was missing in places on the outside, and the inside was completely unfinished. Applying chinking is a laborious process requring a lot of time and skill (big thanks to our contractor). Completing this cabin was even bigger construction project than that of Blue Mountain Lodge, and we also had to manage it from 700 miles away. On the positive side, buying a "blank canvas" gave us the opportunity to add custom features and finishes that we loved to have. Another 1.5 years later, and we have a new favorite - both ours and our guests.  

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We plan to  eventually retire and move to Sevier County permanenly and live in one of our cabins. For now we make our cabins available to rent to our guests. We hope that our guests will appreciate our cabins and make wonderful memories in the Smokies for years to come.   
  1. Enjoy the area scenery
    Enjoy the area scenery
  2. Take a walk in a winter wonderland
    Take a walk in a winter wonderland
  3. Relax, recharge, revitalize
    Relax, recharge, revitalize
  4. Cozy up to the fireplace or play a game
    Cozy up to the fireplace or play a game
  5. Dine in style
    Dine in style
  6. Newfound gap smoky mountains
    The Great Smoky Mountains
  7. Old barn along Lower Powdermill Road
    Enjoy quaint scenery

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

Meet the owners

I came to the Smoky mountians with a friend in 2009 for the first time during winter snowfall. It was so pretty! Living in Florida, we missed having seasons. Todd and I (Victoria) came together several more times, and we knew - Smoky Mountains was the place! We bought our cabin in 2010. For now, we are living and working in Tampa FL,  and looking forward to making Sevier county our permanent home one day. 
Photo taken day after Christmas 2010 when Blue Mountain Lodge was almost complete.

We love DIY projects, and we have restored or made many furniture and decor pieces you will see in our cabin. 

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